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Waking up in SLC

Waking up in SLC

I got Sara up pretty early this morning so we could get a good work out in before the adventures begin.

AMC-Jake and Emma kit
MRE - Time label
Brushes by Hawkesmount
Fonts: Park Avenue, Raavi

    LOL Good Morning, Sara!
    Boy, Sara, you look great in the morning! How do you do that?
    Yes Sara-how do you keep your hair in tact over night! I am so glad I will get to see you in SLC.

    Oh Silly-you are a creative one! Love the brush work!
    Sara is looking fabulous! Fun layout. :D
    Too fun! Are you going to SLC after all? That's so great! Very cute LO, Silly!
    Sara will have an album full of her adventures before it's all over.
    Love the layout.
    This is too cute! How do you maintain your hair and makeup just waking up? Guess Silly doesn't realize you are "just going to bed" at 6 a.m.
    Wow Sara you look like you have walked out of the salon when you wake up!!! :disappearing-smilie:
    Gorgeous brush work!
    Beautiful as ever Sara!
    I wish I looked that good when rolling out of bed! I hope you're having fun!