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Pot Luck-A Cousin is

Here is my food list and the corresponding items I had to use. (All supplies listed in "View EXIF Properties")


Spinach Artichoke Dip-alpha *BHA_ALittleWornOut_Alpha1/BHA_Stylize_AlphaMini_NoBlocks

Deviled Eggs-brad *BMU_AYO-Zoom_FTDO_Brad-2

Pasta Salad-frame *KSC_BeauteBotan_Emb2_PostalFrm

Broccoli Salad-button *KSC_BeauteBotan_Emb1_Btn-Gld

Strawberry and Spinach Salad-charm *KSC_BeauteBotan_Emb2_HeartCharm

Zesty Grilled Corn-tape *USC_ChelseaSpring_Emb_Tape1

Chili-solid paper *KSC_BeauteBotan_Paper_Grng-GreenBlue

BBQ Chicken-tag *ASO_WinterWhite_MiniTagsSpcl_Tag3

Brownies of course!-arrow * BVA_Grungelle_BrushSet_worn

Apple Strudel-striped paper*ASO_TakeWing_StripedPaper_Spcl

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That is a good quote. I will be able to use that one day with my girls having their babies quite close.

Those B/W photos look lovely against that green.

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