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day 10 photo project

Weekly Winner October 31st


I was sitting at the computer to look at my e-mail and my husband was passed out on the couch. He's been sick all week. He hates having his picture taken, so when better to do it than when he is unconcious.

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I love this!! Could you tell me what supplies you used?

Sorry I forgot to include that- the photo a day project I am only using this month's club selection Beautiful Life. I have Photoshop Elements 7 and used a faded photo effect with central color. I used one of the crop shapes in Photoshop Elements, but blended the sides a little with the eraser brush. The font for the title is WC Roughtrad Bta and the font for the journaling is SBC Courtneys Journal. The smaller photo has an engraving effect and I reduced the opacity.

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Awwwww - has he seen this? Great idea! My DH doesn't particularly like his pic taken either - but I could get a lot of pics of him sleeping. Hope he is feeling better by now but you certainly did a great job with this layout of him even though he was so sick. I love it!

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