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Shari has good camera aim with an outstretched arm! (Credits in EXIF properties)

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Penny this is SO CHEERFUL !!!! And like the other SGs mentioned. . .GREAT EXTRACTION !!!!!!clap.gifclap.gifwelldone4jb.gif


Ps. . .I SO KNOW that outstreached arm thing. . . Every shot my Miranda does is JUST THAT !!!!!!!!breakdance.gif

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What a great photo. You are both so beautiful. I love how you recolored the tag to match your beautiful blending of the papers. Gorgeous. TFS.

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I especially love that I was able to see this even before you posted it. :D It appears to me that you were really paying attention in Marnie's class (it was AWESOME after all) and did a fabulous job with this. I think I will visit it often since it makes me smile every time I look at it. :)

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Guest JessicaLeigh

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This LO is way too fun! I love the extraction! Such a good job! Fabulous work!

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