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Bucket Wants Apples


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Bucket Wants Apples

Here's Bucket...he's in the yard with an ear locked on the apple tree to his left. And Bucket again, standing on my front porch. Actually, he's not really waiting for apples in that one. He HATES those little bees that swarm around his belly; and he knows if I hear him on the porch, I'll come out and put some fly spray on him. You can see the disgust in his face!!!

Sassy Apples Digi Scrap Kit from Digi Scrap Kits and Designs by Trina

    What a beautiful horse!

    Thanks, Erica. I love your quote, BTW. :)
    this is so cute lol
    imagine waiting for flyspray lol clever horse lol
    arent animals funny? lol
    this is a wonderful layout, i love the apple paper and what a name bucket :roll-on-floor-laughing: :roll-on-floor-laughing:
    Oh, Bucket is gorgeous and I just love your layout. Nice job. Thanks for sharing.
    Trina, what a cute story about Bucket clonking around on the front porch to get you to come out with the spray. LOL Beautiful horse AND layout.
    Thanks! He is definitely full of personality...he's the one that makes our hearts smile when we watch the three of them out in the field, because it seems he's always into something! Once, we had these cheap 20 gallon water buckets that have rope handles. I looked out the window one day to see Bucket picking it up by the rope and tossing it over his head. When it landed, he'd go through the same process, until it was outside the fence.

    Throwing buckets....but that's not how he got his name.

    Actually, the reason his name is Bucket is because we went out one night to pick up some feed buckets and we ended up with a horse. We named him bucket so we could tell everyone we bought three "buckets."
    The the apple LO and I just love horses also. Thanks for sharing.
    Beautiful horse!! Love the layout!!
    I love the country apples on this page. Great job. -Jen
    I just love this LO! It is soooo cute! Nice looking horse, BTW. Ilove that he comes on the front porch for spray...sounds like he has a personality to match his looks! Cute name,too.