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Sat Color Challenge 10-10-09 - "I Love your EYES"



Sat Color Challenge 10-10-09 - "I Love your EYES"

Well here's Kaylee. . .

She, Mom, Dad & her Grandma all came to our house for a visit last Sat. . . OF COURSE there was a "photo shoot". . .cause we were so Posted Image to see her. . .

Posted Image to Zaz & her table at the SLC for their choice of COLORS !!!!!!! I had a REALLY HARD time with using the "stacked frames" but made an attempted & I KNOW I didn't use it RIGHT but managed to find a way !!!

NOW if someone could just tell me what the photo mask portion of the frames was for then maybe I can DO IT RIGHT NEXT TIME. . .Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image . . .I KNOW THERE MUST BE AN EASIER WAY then the way I stumbled through it !!!!!!!!!Posted Image just stumbling through PSE7. . . Posted Image <-----------------me after this afternoon's layout. . . .

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. . .Posted Image

    Those are some baby blues! How sweet of a photo! Very pretty LO and title fonts!
    Cute, cute, cute! Gorgeous eyes, and lovely way to share them with us!
    Wow Debi this looks so lovely!! Those eyes sure are so big and beautiful!! Very clever with the green and pink challenge.
    Debi, It looks great! You do things the way I do them. Struggle through then find out the easier way. I don't have an answer for you but I'm sure someone will. Karen
    Oh Debi this is Gorgeous! The photo mask behind the frame is what you are to clip your photo to. I'm not sure of the command for clipping photos to something but I'm sure someone knows or you've been shown in PSE Secrets from Ro :)
    What gorgeous blue eyes! The stack came out very well. Love the font.
    Wow, look at those eyes! :D You did a lovely job with my challenge, Debi. And perhaps you learned something new. :) I'm one of those people who just punched buttons to see what they do and discovered lots of interesting things. Doing them a second time was more of a challenge. :) Thanks for taking on the color challenge!
    Oh DEBI!!! Wow, you're in the BIG TIME now that Zaz is stoppin' by to say howd'y do to ya :disappearing-smilie: BUT I digress............ I'm walkin' in for a closer look see......... :walkinghelmet: .......MY O' MY :jawdrop: that there young'n shore does have purty eyes!!! :winking_baby: YUP Thinkin' her Daddy's gonna have to ROPE and HOG TIE the boys that'll be comin' 'round the MOUNTAIN :exercisebike: to be a court'n to 'er!!! YUP.

    That's a right purty layout ya got there to darlin' :congrats3: on a beautiful layout worthy of those :winking_baby: blues ;) Love the flowers and the flowery journalin' that goes right thar along with it! And your stacked photos??? BRILLIANT!!! A'YUP.......... :lovey-smilie: She's a :littleangel: she is.....Hey :dancingcow: who let the :dancingcow: cows out :dancingcow: :dancingcow: :dancingcow:
    Oct 14 2009 07:02 AM
    All I can say is WOW! You did it good, real good. I love your choice of products. Made me put them in my cart for some baby pictures! You did a great job of this. This little girl has the eyes of an angel (and a little bit of mischievousness too LOL)! Fab Job!
    Debi you did a fabulous job on this. Love those big blue eyes of that lil' darling. That background paper is gorgeous. Love that font that you used and the flowers. Fab Job.