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Hollies First Scrapbook page

Oh I'm so proud!!!! After looking at my recently printed album Hollie decided she wanted to give scrapbooking ago. With a 20 minute lesson in photoshop this is what she created!!! I really love scrapbooking because it is great therapy and it makes you concentrate on the good stuff all around you ... The majority of layouts are about the good stuff... It really is my escape. The last year has been a tough time for Hollie finding her way in the world and I hope this helps her as much as it has helped me too! Love you babe!!



Miss Honey Designs I love Twilight

Miss Honey Designs Waiting for New Moon

Photoshop CS3

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What a fun and unusual subject to do a layout on, but I know my girls count down the days until the next movie in that series (sigh)! That is really where they are in life and what is on their minds, so it makes sense to scrap about it. Good job! I like the creepy looking background.

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