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Butterfinger Banana Cake

Butterfinger Banana Cake

I found this recipe on the CDKitchen web site. It sounds really yummy. Supplies are in the EXIF data.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh You had to break out the butterfingers didn't you.........Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....Love the sound of your recipe and your card is great! Blue and orange look so striking next to each other! Oh and I happen to have ripe bananas just waiting to be used. Was gonna make Zaz some banana bread, but thinkin' it's gonna be this cake instead ;)
    psssssssssst what remaining chopped butterfingers to go on top...........OH I wasn't supposed to eat them?..... :disappearing-smilie: ........... :oops:
    you only use 3/4 cup of Butterfingers in the cake, whatever is left from the 3 bars you sprinkle on top...don't eat them (just buy a 4th candy bar)!

    This definately sounds like something I want...no need to make. As soon as my girls see a tiny brown spot, the bananas go untouched. Great card too!
    I really like the colours in your card too.
    LOL I would have to have a 4th candy bar. MY boys are good at the food snatch if it is on the counter. (They didn't learn it from me. Nope not at all :disappearing-smilie: )

    Your card is really cute. I am going to try this one. It sounds so yummy.
    Such a cute card, perfect colors for a Butterfinger. Love it!
    Very cheerful! Makes you want to check it out and make up a batch! Love the LO! :-)
    Great colors and I really like the way you used the brushes! Nice job!
    This sounds yummy Tamara and I love how you used the club kit for this!