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5 Designer Layout-"Swine Flew"

5 Designer Layout-"Swine Flew"

My 19 year old son was a camp counselor this summer in Branson, MO when he contracted swine flu. I flew from Chicago to Springfield, MO to be with him after he was discharged from the ER, and we got to spend the next 5 days together in isolation in a hotel room until he was well enough for us to drive home. It was a little scary for a while, but I'll admit I liked nursing him back to health and having him all to myself for 5 days! (How 'bout that? I even used this weeks theme!)

I finally used my Wacom tablet for the first time on this LO. It's kind of hard! :) I'll need some practice!

My designers were:
Mandy Steward- Bursting
Erica Hite- Dear Diary, Enchanted
Angie Briggs- JustBU, JustBMessy
Marnie Adams- NearManger_BrushSet
Thao Cosgrove- Art Journal, HavingHope
Fonts: Jump Start,Trash Hand,Shirley

    Great layout! I'm sure he would have rather been camping. Karen in Missouri where some camps were closed down this summer because of swine flu.
    OMG Sue, this is an excellent LO!! Love everything about it, and that title speaks volumes! As tough as it was to go through this you can look back at what was precious to you and laugh at the swine! I've always wondered about using the tablet. Now I know it will be another challenge. LOL Love your LO and the fact that your son is well!
    I love this layout! It is always nice to make something nice out of an icky situation. Good job with the tablet. I have been trying to use mine more, but find it difficult to get my handwriting to look nice. How did you manage it?
    Clever layout, Susie, although your son may not appreciate your posting that less than flattering photo of him. ;) I'm so glad he's better now. Great job with the title and arrangement. Fun layout!
    What a cute layout... I love your title! Glad to hear he's healthy again!
    love this... glad he is fine and a great way to remember the year of the flu... great use of fun embellies and titles
    How happy that he got well, and you got to spend time with him. So fun to remember now that he's out of the "woods" Love your flying piggy! :) Very fun layout!
    What a bright face you put on an awful sickness. You made it look good girl!
    This is such a fun layout you made for such a yucky time. I love your double take on "flu" for your layout.
    Plays on words are so fun! Beautiful.