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B&K Mom

This is my first completed original (non-scraplifted) page in months, and one I've seen in my mind's eye for years. Thanks to Brandy's amazing Background Blenders Templates I was able to get the soft blended feel I had envisioned. Our DD's wistful and distant expression looking out over the Alaskan tundra just begs the question "What do you see?"





What do you see beyond the snow

over the ridge

out to the sea?

Are there castles and queens

or treasures to find

or fields of flowers grown wild?

Does your gaze stop at shores

or hill

or horizon?

Does it soar to the stars above?

Are there worlds yet unseen

and mysteries unknown?

Can you see the Face of God?



Paper Templates: BMU_SSPaper_BGBlenders 1 and 2, DMI_SSPaper_Edgy_4;

Paper: TCS_LifesCanvas BlueSwirl, BMU_Mossy Paper Special (recolored);

Embell: ABR_DayToDayLife Ribbon (bow only), GHU_Flowering Flourishes ribbon (recolored), SNU_French Market jewel silver,

SNU_Noteworthy_Emb Flourish;

Brushes: BVA_Grungelle;

Styles: CSA_Grunged Metals 4103, SBA_Basic Shadows;

Alpha: TCS_Beautiful Life;

Font: Skia

Photo Information for Vision

Recommended Comments

Oh, this is an awesome layout - love your blending and the look on that little one's face is precious! Just happened to be on here when you posted it and got to be the first to comment on it. Very pretty layout - I really enjoyed seeing it this morning - you do such nice work!

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A stunner, Debbie! Congrats on completing it! What a perfect photo (just love the soft blue of the snow suit and hat)! And, your journaling got me misty eyed. Isn't it just the best when we are able to translate what our mind sees onto a page! Just soft and lovely and causes me to linger.

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Oh, Debbie, this is just magical. The colors, scenery and embellishments you chose are so delicate and serene. I love the muted scroll pattern in the sky. And your daughter looks as if she's gazing out over the curve of the earth, into the future. Breathtakingly beautiful!

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OMG this takes my breath away...it is so beautiful...from the photo to the poetry to the blues...you should see about getting this published...and also framing this for dd room... a great lo


lol..i just looked up and saw that sara said the same thing

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OH Debbie !!!! this is simply STUNNING !!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT !!!! jawdrop.gif no "standing o" emoticon. . . then this will have to do. . . . . .clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif



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You ma'am have just sold me on those templates. I'd had my eye on it and you have produced such a lovely LO with it, how can I not get it.

I love the poem, the photo, the softness, the swirls--everything. Going into my faves now!

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WOW Thanks to Rosemary for sharing this because Debbie I would have missed such a WONDERFUL, Superduper, Fantasmorical LAYOUT! This is worth submitting either for the NL and for Ready Set Create!

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