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Anniversary 2009

Anniversary 2009

For our 4th anniversary we went back to Laguna Beach, where we were married. We have been back each year since, however this year we decided to stay in the same hotel as our honeymoon! It was lovely!

SNU_By the Sea Collection
ASO_Take Wing Collection
SNU_Frame by Frame

    Pretty layout and great tradition. :)
    Very nice! Karen
    This is a lovely layout - love the way you blended the awesome picture - and the love just shines through your layout - love the journaling in the sand. Very nice layout.
    This is super cool, I'll have to remember to do this on my honeymoon and get a picture!
    Love the picture! I have been to Laguna Beach, what a neat place to hold your wedding!

    Thanks for sharing :)
    What a neat photo! Super job with the challenge.
    Great photo background and I love the photo of the two of you. Nice job.