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Weekly Layout Winner Dec 19, 2009 Here I Raise My Ebenezer – Part 7


This embellishment template from Brandy was so much fun -- I could never have pulled together a LO like this on my own. Hurray for SG designers and the wonderful tools they provide us to tell our stories.


Supplies are in details.




When Grandpa & Dad decided to teach the boys to use the rider lawnmower this summer, Gordon surprised us all by being the most willing & most comfortable driver. It's fun to watch the look of concentration he gets, especially as he navigates turns!



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Yee haw! That is awesome Bobbie Jo! The template may be mine, but the "style" & design is all yours! Great job!

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I really love this layout! The circles are so great (and happen to be one of my favorite things anyway, haha) and I love the coloring and everything. Great job! :)

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I love this LO, too! You really captured the moment with that great photo, and really showed it off to the hilt with your thoughtful choices of color and embellishment and journaling. Love the stitching and also the overall masculine feel to the LO. Looks like he will be a careful driver, too!

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Guest Sara Arell

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Adorable, Bobbie Jo - you did a great job with Brandy's template - I love your layout - sooooo cute!

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Love the combination of circle and star elements, and your color choices are so unique -- they set off this photo perfectly. Awesome LO!

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