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Our "I Love You" Anniversary

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This picture was taken of my husband and I two years before we were married, on the first Valentine's Day that we spent together. We were both very sick with the flu, and the night was incredibly cold (ever been in Northern Wisconsin in February?) so I don't remember much about this evening. I don't remember what we ate, and if it weren't for the picture, I wouldn't remember what we were wearing. Did I mention that I had a 102 degree fever at the time? But the thing I do remember, and will never forget, is that this was the first time that the cute blonde guy to my right told me that he loved me. I was so excited that I literally jumped up and down. Fear not, I did finally calm down enough to tell him that I loved him too. We have spent many Valentine's Days together since then, many anniversaries remembering the first time my amazing man told me, "I love you!"


Materials I used:

Mandy Steward - Chipboard 1801 Styles Tool Set

Thao Cosgrove - Daily Bread Collection Mini

Melissa Renfro - Inspired Collection Biggie

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I love your story about hopping up and down (while feverish nonetheless, lol) before telling him you loved him too! What a great story:) This is a beautiful page, speaks very highly of your love together.

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