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Hashbrown Casserole

Hashbrown Casserole

My brother shared this recipe with me, but he got it from a family friend.

    Cute recipe card! And that recipe sounds great!
    Well you are sure on a "ROLL" here gf !!! Yupper scrapp'n fool. . . .LOVE to see what you come up with each time I find one of your WONDERFUL creations. . . .Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image . . . .

    This is SUCH a CUTE receipe card !!!!!!

    Hey anything with Posted Image ?????. . .Posted Image Posted Image (sorry Mrs KFCPosted Image Posted Image ). . .er. . .I mean. . . .Posted Image ( yea let's go with that one k???????)Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
    What a cute card and the recipe looks divine!
    Super cute card. I have a recipe that is so similar to this, but without the cornflakes and extra butter... sounds yummy!
    YUM YUM YUM make this one too. Love the potato and the fun salt and pepper elements on your card.
    I might have to try this, it sounds sooo good. Love the card, especially the colors.