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Hashbrown Casserole

My brother shared this recipe with me, but he got it from a family friend.

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Well you are sure on a "ROLL" here gf !!! Yupper scrapp'n fool. . . .LOVE to see what you come up with each time I find one of your WONDERFUL creations. . . .2468who-do-we-appreciate.gif2468who-do-we-appreciate.gif2468who-do-we-appreciate.gif . . . .


This is SUCH a CUTE receipe card !!!!!!


Hey anything with dancingchicken2.gif ?????. . .ew.gifjawdrop.gif (sorry Mrs KFCjoke.gifrofl.gif ). . .er. . .I mean. . . .cowwave.gif ( yea let's go with that one k???????)hahohi.gifhahohi.gifhahohi.gif

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