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10th Anniversary Musings

This is a double post (it's already in my personal album, then I remembered it fits the contest, lol!)

Date: 11/6/09

I am so thankful to have found you, my true love. The reasons I love you have deepened over the years. You still have the same wonderful sense of humor, are considerate and loving, and are handsome and sexy. To a busy mommy with 3 boys, there is nothing sexier than all that PLUS you not only work hard at work but help at home with boys and the household. We may not have the quietest or most well-behaved household,but I’m quite sure we have the most fun and share lots of love. For this and much more, I am so very grateful. To the next 10 years and beyond!!


Cynthia Gullett Photography


Erica Hite Up at the Villa

Brandy Murry Mossy (love word art)

Thao Cosgrove All About Marriage

Sarah Batdorf Deep Shadow actions

Brandie Valenzuela Grungelle brush set

Cinzia Loosemore That's Amore freebie ("I love you")

Anita Stergiou A Brand New Day alpha

Font: VT Portable Remington

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This is really fabulous. I'm glad you posted it here, because apparently I missed it the first time! I love the grungy look. The photo looks great and I love that you used red here.

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wowie...this is a winner! what an amazing photo and great journaling...love how you framed the photo and the bw w color lo...

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