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Country White Dinner Rolls

Country White Dinner Rolls

These are our family's absolute favorite dinner rolls. If you don't have a bread machine, you can just make them as you would any regular bread recipe, but if you've got one, the convenience and ease of mixing, kneading and rising the dough in the machine is unbeatable -- especially when you're preparing a big holiday meal.

Supplies in details.


    Oh beautiful Bobbi Jo, I've got to remember to send in my recipes today :) Your card is beautiful with the recipe on the tray and all that crackling going on. Love your photo too. Fantastic!
    Wonderful Recipe card!!
    This is SO beautiful! Well done--can't wait to try it.
    Very clever and very pretty LO, Bobbi Jo! Great holiday recipe- they sound delicious! I like your color picture on the black and white and the background with the touch of tan on the edges to tie in with the roll colors. I want to try this recipe! I like your greased hands tip. I cover my breads with lightly greased aluminum foil or saran wrap to keep them from drying out and keep the cover from sticking.
    This card is awesome..I love it.
    This is such a simple card and yet it is fantastic! I adore the tray as the backdrop for the recipe. Too clever!
    Great novel way of displaying your recipe! Like to enamel-like cracks! This is eye-catching! Bon Appetit!