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Monte Lake

This was another page in my quest for interesting ways to use lots of photos on one page! This was our stop for lunch one day on our holidays, and there were lots of things going on as each of the kids did their own thing. I decided to use the filmstrip frames and create three separate story sections on the layout.




paper - MRE Inspired

flowers & leaves - MRE Inspired

paper clips - MRE Inspired

beaded wire - MRE Inspired

frame - TCS Beautiful Life

snail - MRE Little One

butterfly - SNU Framed Treasures

font - Dreamspeak




On our way to Kelowna we passed through Kamloops just before lunch time. We decided to find a nice place to stop for lunch along the side of the highway, and were delighted with the beautiful spot we found in Monte Lake. Being “stuck in the truck” with 5 other people had worn on Victoria, so she chose to take her sandwich down the side of the bank to eat her sandwich alone. Her Dad joined in her solitude, enjoying the peace of the lake.


The kids all had a different idea of what their lunch break should be. Matthew decided to skip rocks in the lake, and soon he and Kathleen were having a rock throwing contest. Emily must not have felt so confined in the truck because she chose to spend her time in the fresh air reading. She found a perfect seat in a rock half way up the bank, and sat there happily reading for the duration of the stop.


Kathleen is the one who will always find something different. First she found this unique plant, and wondered if the one washed up on shore was the same. Then she found some shells and began collecting more. In her quest for abandoned snail shells, she found one that was still inhabited by a snail! She held her new friend in her hand for quite some time, and when it was time to go she discovered that it had affixed itself to her finger! She couldn’t get it off, although she didn’t try very hard at first since she didn’t want to say good bye to her snail. She was finally able to get it to let go, and replaced the snail in the lake where she had found it. We all agreed that this would only happen to Katie!

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Very nice two page layout! Love those negative frames, you really have gotten a lot of photos on a page, and the viewer wants to take a look at each and every one.

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