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for Audrey - LONG OVERDUE

I don't even remember what month this was for...

But this is for Audrey...


Her Journaling Reads:

This year, my dad gave my mom a Mother’s Day gift that any country gal could be proud of, a Palm Tree to add to her beautiful luscious landscape. He told her to choose the spot she wanted it at and that we would get it planted. It didn’t take her long to find the perfect spot, next to my dad’s barn where it would be seen as soon as you come up the drive way. My dad, an original Bill Sperry in his own right, was prepared: shovel, wheel barrel, water hose, stakes to help the tree stay upright, and rusty nails, which he said adds iron for extra nutrients. So the guys went to work, wetting the ground, digging the hole, adding the rusty nail nutrients, and using their manly muscles to place the tree in the ground. The girls sat under the shade tree, gave each other pedicures, and watched as yet another tree was planted by the Locklin Family. A tree that will remind us of the warm spring day, when we all got together and did something not only for our Mother, but for Mother Nature as well.


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I think this was well worth the wait! I love the way you managed to put the whole story in, both the words and the photos, and end up with such a serene and uncluttered page.

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This is an awesome layout. Where do I start? I love everything about it. The journalling is fantastic and such a wonderful memory preserved for all time. The composition of this is also amazing. I love the blended tree and all the embellies clustered around the many photos. It is truely beautiful and going into my favs!! TFS!!

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