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LY2 study group

LY2 study group

These are all the gals/guys from the Later Years 2 group. With the exception of Rosey who didnt make it to our celebration dinner on friday.
A great bunch, I've met some fabulous people and made fantastic friendships that I hope will last.

Used SG Refresh Kit -Thanks guys!

    memories of friends are some of the best LOs, very nice
    wow looks like you had a great time.
    I like how you put faces in all those circles and then continued the circles with brads. Also Huge Congrats!
    First i love pink and yellow together. It is always fresh looking. Second, i like all of the circle photos juxtaposed with the stripes you have going on in you LO. Great job on this happy page.

    I like the circles especially like the way you added labels to everyone picture. Good idea.