Presenting, our first president, George Washington as a hockey goalie.

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My daughter brought home a kitten from a friend's house, named him George Washington and promptly went back to college. He gets into everything, as kittens do but the goalie mask was the funniest.

I take terrible notes on making pages which might be part of the reason I hardly ever post pages.


I gave the star frame pattern a simple edge and a simple outer edge.

BMU SSEMB Fantastic Frames Special.

I forget what the background paper is.

I was happy with the extraction of George's little paw coming out of the star frame.


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Just too adorable. Love the OOB, and yes those little critters sure do get into a lot of mischief. I came home yesterday to a living room filled with torn up tissues all over the place. And Shannon looked up at me, so innocently, while her paw was still in the tissue box, as if to say "I dunno"


Anyway, GW is too cute and I love the photo.

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Oh, what an adorable kitten & such a sweet picture. That's a really cute little bit of out of bounds, too. I really like the way you've clustered all the embellishments around the photo.

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Thanks for the idea of how to use that frame. AND I am impressed by your text curves. I have only slightly mastered that process-- perhaps this layout will give me the push to try doing fun things with text!


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