Gingerbread Coffee House

When I went down to Walt Disney World last December, they had this coffee kiosk that was completely made out of gingerbread! Which poses the question....


What does it take to bake a life-sized gingerbread house?

850 lbs of Sugar

135 lbs of Butter

1040 Eggs

150 lbs of Chocolate Chips

470 lbs of Flour

2 lbs of Baking Soda

All ingredients are combined and baked in a very large oven!














FONTS: LD Slender, Cheri

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Delicious, did you break off a piece to dip in your coffee?


They had several signs warning us not to taste the coffee shop ;)

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Guest Happy99

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Keeeeewl:) what a tasty marvelous house:) great layout and keepsake:)

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Oooo, great page, your sprinkles are darling! When I first saw the pictures I thought you made the gingerbread coffee house at "normal" size, I've never seen one full sized before. How fun to go to a real gingerbread house!!!!

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Wow, that must have been something to see! I love the way you clustered all your embellishments around the frame. The oven gloves are cute tucked in like that, too.

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Oh I agree with must have smelled good in there! Looking forward to seeing more of your FUN layouts. I think this one is Awesome!

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