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Task #1 Alphabet Cards

I finally finished my first task for the Holiday Hoopla :)

This pack of cards is a Christmas gift for my daughter who is starting her first year of school next year, she has been practicing the alphabet and numbers over and over so when I saw these cards released I thought this would be perfect for her, they are small enough to pop in her pocket, take in her bag and will look adorable on he bedside table so she can practice as much as she likes.


I printed the sheets out and laminated them, I was sure to leave a good 1cm at one end so I could punch holes and thread ribbon through to keep them neat and together.


Baby Blanket ATC Flash Card Super Biggie

AMC Chatty Font

Alpha from Album Pack: Life's Canvas

Dynamic Brush Set: Glitter 6401

Ribbon & laminating sheets also used.

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Ohhhhhh kellie! These are adorable! LOVE the alphabet and number cards... the pages are just adorable and she's gonna be the envy of every kid in the class! You're gonna get requests for more of these I bet! Make great gifts for her friends too ;):rofl: Now you've done it! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I can see it now, "Mrs. K will you make me a set!" :rofl: Oh no, that means time away from SG, oh SAY it isn't SO! NO!!! :jawdrop: ..... :winking_baby:

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Hi Kacie, I laminated them myself :) I just bought an A4 sized laminator when it was on special approx $30AUD from local office shop and also bought a few packs of business card sized laminating sheets, it didnt take too long to assemble and was a good feeling not having to pay anyone to do it for me LOL

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Oh this is SUPER CUTE! You did a wonderful job Kellie and having your own laminator does help too. I have one as well but its gathering dust...I need to get some more laminating sheets LOL!

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