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Task #5 O'Christmas Tree

Green Paper - Inspired Collection Biggie

Red Swirl Paper - DMI Freebie, color modified and added glitter to swirls.

Alpha - Merry Mine Collection Biggie

Star - PWR freebie

String - For the Love of Cardboard Collection Mini

Brad - Promise Collection Biggie

Jewel Strings - Holiday in Lights Collection Biggie

Font - SF Chantel



The only pictures I have of my teacher’s when I was at school were the formal yearly school photographs so when I attended my son’s school Christmas concert this year I jumped at the chance of getting a photo of my son’s favourite teacher Mr. Cairns and his best friend Sam. The school really out done themselves this year and put on a great show, the kids loved seeing some of the teachers all dressed up and now looking at this photo I wish I had’ve got a full length shot as Mr. Cairns had presents around his ankles and thongs on his feet, it was quite a funny sight to see! Joshua was aged eight throughout grade three this year and at a very impressionable stage in his development, Mr. Cairns has been an extremely positive influence on my son, he has helped him in so many ways and was very noticeable from the first term of school that Joshua was going to thrive having an enthusiastic male teacher. The major turning point for Joshua this year was his huge improvement of telling the time both from an analogue and digital clock, his mathematical skills have soared as well as his reading capability. Im positive Joshua will have fond memories from this school year and be very prepared and confident for next year. I couldnt be more happier and proud of what my son has accomplished this year.

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Great design! Love the Christmas tree costume (Mom made me one for Halloween one year, at my request, hehehehe)...and love all the journaling you've done too.

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What a great TEACHER your son has! Your journaling really tells the story of how special he's been to your son. Terrific photo, maybe you can catch a glimpse of himn in the costume again to get the feet and presents in. :lol: Sounds like a winner! Your layout is beautiful and I love the placement of your elements and framing too!

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