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PSE Fun with Filters: Find Wonder In All Things

PSE Fun with Filters: Find Wonder In All Things

Christy's class was really great... a wealth of information, organized and creative. I learned so much about filters and masks and can't stop playing. It was also really wonderful to use her new scripts!! What a tremendous timesaver they are, plus they included a credit I may have overlooked- yes!

The colored pencil and angled strokes filters were applied to the baby robin, whom I photographed in an early spring snowfall a few years ago. The rest are gorgeous SG papers and fun with blending!

ASO A Princess Brushset 3
ASO Finery Paper 3
ASO Frippery Word Art Wonder
ASO SS Paper Fairy Dust 6
ASO SS Tools Foiled
ASO SS Tools Frosted Glass
ASO Winter Magic Emb Icicle
ASO Winter Magic Paper Purple
ASO Winter Magic Paper Snowy
BVA Brush Set Grungelle Scratch
CVA SS Tools Scripts Supply Tracker
CVA SS Tools Scripts Rename Layer
CVA SS Tools Scripts File Save 1
JDE Brush Set Winter WoodlandTree
JDE Woodland Winter Emb 1 Mailbox
STI Holy Night Paper 12x12 Stars

    A magical, gorgeous work of art!
    Oh, what fun! Baby birds always look so grumpy, they are funny. This is a great photo.
    I love all the work you've put into this - all the layers & textures, just gorgeous!
    Beautiful job!
    Simply gorgeous. I would say that you have mastered the filters.
    Beautifully done.
    Now, how did I miss this? This is everything everyone said: brilliant, magical, gorgeous. A real work of art!
    Beautifully done Dot!