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Miller card 09


© M. Miller

Miller card 09

I used Brandy Murry's Holiday Lights Embelishments and Christmas Chronicles Embelishments, Syndee's AYO Snowglobe, Julie White's Christmas Wonderalnd Embelishments, and Sarah Batdorf's Noella Collection

I liked this card better so this is the one I ordered prints to send as out card for 09. Thanks for looking!

    Beautiful!! Love how you used the snowglobe.
    I love that background & the embellishments are lovely - so Christmasy
    So sweet and just beautiful! Terrific job, love the snowglobe!
    That is super sweet, what a wonderful card!
    It's magical Mimi!
    Beautiful. There will be a lot of people saving this card. It's a keeper.

    Very pretty.
    Very pretty! I love the greenery around your snowglobe, candles, and manger. Great card!
    Oh Brandy said it perfectly!! But I adore what you have done!!
    This is adorable Mimi. I love the snowglobe on the card.