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Candy Canes for Christmas

I used;

Lettering Delights Timely Font

Golden Memories Collection Biggie

Chronicles Collection

Brush Set: Grungelle



When Jared saw Santa Claus this year, he didn’t ask for toys or cars or games. The only thing he asked for was three candy canes. Santa said that he would do his best. On the way home, Megan was teasing him about not asking for any toys. Jared said “I want Santa to bring me three candy canes. One for daddy, one for mama, and one for my sissy.”


I think that’s one of the sweetest gifts I have ever been offered!

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Sigh................... just sooooooooooo tender and sweet! Ohhhhhhhhhh ................sigh Love your layout with your photo faded into the bg of the book and the lovely lace bookmark....sweet!

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It makes me want to go out and buy a box of candy canes and just give them out!!! truly a gift to read this! Thank you!

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