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Go away little beastie!


© Dee Decker

Go away little beastie!

Sometimes you just gotta scrap the weirder moments in life and this was one I had this past week. This little brown bat kept coming into the house. The first couple of time we caught it with the fish net and let it out. After the third time in a week I had had it, unfortunatly that was the night we new it was in the house but could not find it! Two days went buy and I was thinking it was gone, so I sat down at my computer and was finishing an eBay auction when it flew OUT FROM UNDER MY DESK!

I spent the next 4 hours removing everything from the office, and of course I didn't find it. That was Sat, Monday we were having friends over for dinner, I told them about the bat and everything was fine until we sat down in the living room. My DD Morgan was laying on the couch, my friend Barb and I were on the other couch when I saw Barb's face freeze! I turned to look and the bat was climbing up the screen right behind Morgan!

I yelled for the guys and they came and got it outside, the next thing I knew DH was taking a shovel to it! Poor thing, but it won't be coming back! However now I am constantly looking around for more in the house!

Lori Cook's edging brushes.

    donna murillo
    Jul 07 2006 01:24 PM
    wow. that is really scarry. glad you got it out. oh by the way what an idea to scrap! hee hee. :dancingchicken2:
    Oct 08 2006 10:30 PM

    I love your LO...you captured the story beautifully!