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2009 Christmas Card

2009 Christmas Card

I used items from:
I have a bad habit on working on something FOREVER, I move stuff and change it all around and I finally just decided that the Christmas cards need to GET IN THE MAIL. So here it is.

Brandy Murry's Christmas Chronicles
Noella Collection
AYO snowglobes
Cherise Olsen's christmas add ons.

My descriptions will get better after I install christy's scripts LOL

Thanks for looking

    I love the way you arranged everything on the mantel! And you are way ahead of me lol
    Well, all that moving around was worth it, the card is awesome!!
    It's wonderful, Michelle!
    Is that Portia? Love the reindeer effect!
    So cute! I love the popcorn garland and the angel in the snowglobe and everything else.
    Love the desaturated photo and the brightned up noses and antlers!! This is definetly a winnner card!!
    This is so cute, Michelle. Love the angel in the snowglobe and the reindeer antlers.
    What a great Christmas Card. Folks are going to be lucky to get those.
    So much detail!! Love it.
    Oh, your picture is so funny! I love Rudolf. You did use a lot of detail, but the card doesn't look crowded at all. I really like it.
    Beautiful card! The photo and Christmas decorations, look wonderful on the mantle. I love the reindeer - te he :-)