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Class Project: Christmas Eve

Class Project: Christmas Eve

Our church looked so beautiful on Christmas Eve. I took another blurry photo which had great color (I NEED A PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS-LOL!) and immediately knew that I would try techniques from Kim's Beyond Basic Photo Backgrounds Class and Christy's Fun with Filters Class. I loved, loved, loved the classes I took in December with Kim, Christy and Katherine!

This isn't anything great and looks pretty blah from the gallery view, but it sure was fun to make a new background out of the blurry photo. I left the original in the lower right corner. Yesterday was a play day and hours go by............. thanks, teachers!

Materials used:
SG Class: KTH Beyond Basic Photo Backgrounds
SG Class: CVA Photoshop Elements Fun with Filters

    Wow, this isn't blah at all! It's a wonderful creative work of art! It is so imaginative and rich. I love it and I can tell how much fun you had making it. There's nothing like a good class to get your creative juices flowing, is there! You can go to the head of the class!
    This is so cool not blah at all! It's actually very eye catching, a real work of art!
    I LOVE the colors of this! What a great background you made!!!
    I thought it was eye catching too..I was drawn to it right away. Makes me want to take Katherine, Christy & Kim's class!
    I think your LO looks great up close and personal too--not just from the gallery view. I love the background--it's like an impressionist painting. Way to use a blurred photo. Also, I like how you included the original photo--it doesn't look as blurry since it's a small photo. I think I'll look into these classes the next time they come around!
    Mmmm, doesn't look blah to me, anything BUT . . . the colors are rich and vibrant, and the way you've framed the small photo makes it look like a miniature. So inviting . . . the whole thing just sings. Beautiful job!
    Beautiful Dot! I love what the filters did to the lights on the trees! Too fun!