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Class Project: Christmas Eve

Our church looked so beautiful on Christmas Eve. I took another blurry photo which had great color (I NEED A PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS-LOL!) and immediately knew that I would try techniques from Kim's Beyond Basic Photo Backgrounds Class and Christy's Fun with Filters Class. I loved, loved, loved the classes I took in December with Kim, Christy and Katherine!


This isn't anything great and looks pretty blah from the gallery view, but it sure was fun to make a new background out of the blurry photo. I left the original in the lower right corner. Yesterday was a play day and hours go by............. thanks, teachers!


Materials used:








SG Class: KTH Beyond Basic Photo Backgrounds

SG Class: CVA Photoshop Elements Fun with Filters


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Wow, this isn't blah at all! It's a wonderful creative work of art! It is so imaginative and rich. I love it and I can tell how much fun you had making it. There's nothing like a good class to get your creative juices flowing, is there! You can go to the head of the class!

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I thought it was eye catching too..I was drawn to it right away. Makes me want to take Katherine, Christy & Kim's class!

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I think your LO looks great up close and personal too--not just from the gallery view. I love the background--it's like an impressionist painting. Way to use a blurred photo. Also, I like how you included the original photo--it doesn't look as blurry since it's a small photo. I think I'll look into these classes the next time they come around!

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Mmmm, doesn't look blah to me, anything BUT . . . the colors are rich and vibrant, and the way you've framed the small photo makes it look like a miniature. So inviting . . . the whole thing just sings. Beautiful job!

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