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Task #15 2009

Task #15 2009

When I look back at some of our photos for the year 2009 I can see we had so many great times. It will certainly be a year to remember, our family expanded with the addition of more pets, our friendships with people outside our family grew stronger and we were able to spend some real quality time together as a family. Im ever so blessed to have had such a great year!

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    Very nice layout. Karen
    Sweet LO Kellie...I love everything about it...great colours, great design. Thanks for sharing
    Colors (warm yellow? and purple) are eye-popping! Like how you've altered the placement of each little photo 'backing' (for lack of better word). I think it creates an interesting overall appearance. Fun way you did your journalling. Like also how you've framed (brought) everything together with the (warm yellow) lines. Great job!

    A beautiful arrangement!
    Great photo placement - I'm always looking for neat ways to incorporate a lot of photos without seeming cluttered, and I think you've definitely achieved that here. Added to my faves!