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Cover Page

Cover Page

Cover page for my SG 52 album.

Used Kerry Veale's Time Traveler
Paula Wright's Time Traveler alphas and gears
Shalae Tippetts ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Peeled Paint 1

Looking forward to this year!

    Very cool. I love that kit. Karen
    What an awesome cover for you scrapbook! I usually pick a family photo and use it on my covers but I think I like this better!
    This is Fabulous! What an awesome Cover Page!
    I positively love it - Gears & watches/watch pieces are some of my own personal imagery, so I am already drawn to it for that.

    But your rich deep color, texture and all the layers of gadgets really let you know that an interesting story is about to unfold. I'm ready...
    What a beautiful idea for a cover for your album! Great layout!
    Neat effect with the buttons and gears cascading down the page. Beautifully done.
    I love how you created a cover page for your book, so pretty!
    I love it ... all the attention to detail. Absolutely beautiful!
    This is gorgeous! So rich in color and texture. It surely makes me want to dive into your 2010 album.
    Wow! Incredible cover... I especially like the verse inside the pocket watch from Time Traveler!