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Dust off Your Dreams pg2

Dust off Your Dreams pg2

KVE Intaglio papers, corner embellishements
KVE Time Traveler embellishments
fonts Pristina and Teletype

    Nice job, Gayle. Hope you achieve your dreams. Karen
    This is great--deciding that you can start on organizing and dusting off your dreams and going forward! and how wonderful you have your husband's support-that really makes it a plus! Sounds like your minister inspired you! love your book cover too!
    Great lesson, to dust off our dreams. I don't have any big ones as my life is great the way it is but improving the small things really lead to big things in our lives.
    Thank you for sharing your goal. I am sure you will achieve this.
    Great goal, Gayle. Love this journaling - so honest ... blessings on your journey :)
    Beautiful, Gayle! Your journaling is honest and touching. Good luck on your journey!
    I love your journaling Gayle, just beautiful and very true, not to limit ourselves by those around us. Loved reading it.
    Gayle... GREAT job on the 2 page goals.

    Now... go find your studio and get creative! LOL

    (Be back later... gone to find my own!)