Hubbard Glacier

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Wow, this is beautiful, Rosemary. I love the frame over the main part of the layout and all the little clips here and there with notes and embellies.

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HOLY COW! WOWZA RM! I love the photo that you took and how you added the smaller shots to make it look like its either on a mirror or you are looking out a window!

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Guest Sara Arell

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What a pretty layout - love the framing technique over the layout - looks as if you did a lot of thinking and working on this layout - very nice. I enjoyed seeing it.

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This is really nice Rosemary! I love the blues and the scarf clipped onto the frame is really neat.

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Weren't you lucky to be there on a clear day! It's usually pretty dreary over the Hubbard. Love the photo arrangement and all the clips.

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All I can say is I'm jealous! Your LO's leave me sitting at my computer desk with my mouth wide open and drooling!!

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