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task 8 - perfect gift

task 8 - perfect gift

purple paper, both staples - Angie Briggs; cooking paper - Amanda McGee (recolored & blended w/ purple paper); orange paper, word art, paper tear brush - Melissa Renfro; paper curls, paper curl shadows, - Jan Hicks; basic shadows - Sarah Batdorf; square purple & orange eyelet - Marie Stones; photos that pop, embed, chipboard styles - Mandy Steward; blended, paper piercing brush - Ariadna Wiczling; copper brad, journal paper - Shalae Tippetts; font - 2peas scrapbook; highlight brush - JHE

I know it's corny, but I love my mixer!

shh, can you hear it? that whirring noise coming from my countertop? I have waited over two years to hear that noise. it's the quiet power of my new kitchenaid artisan mixer! with all metal construction and the ability to mix 9 cups of flour at a time it will not only survive my childrearing years but it will allow me to cook for my large family faster. bryan knew I longed for this amazing appliance and he so wanted to surprise me with it but that was not in the cards. unfortunately (for him) nobody would answer the phone on that fateful day, so he was forced to cunsult me about the details. it's a good thing he did though, as I was able to find the model i really wanted on ebay much cheaper than what the local stores were asking. i ordered my lovely mixer in empire red... only to be informed the next day that the one i won had been damaged & there were no other red ones in stock!i was given my choice of 10 other colors & an upgrade to 2nd day shipping for the inconvenience. oh yeah, baby! i went with the color i really wanted... persimmon! yup, normally a fan of blue, this vibrant orange captivated me from the get-go, but because it was more unusual than the white, black, & red varieties in the department stores, it was selling on ebay for almost twice what I'd paid for my red one!in the end i got an amazing deal on an unusual color & it arrived just in time for holiday baking! life is good, and pretty tasty now too!


    Very nice layout! I love how you've used the pics of the mixer in the alphas. And it's not corny to love your Kitchenaid! I love mine too - in fact, I cried tears of joy when I received it as a gift. Wanted one so bad too and mine was a total surprise!
    Congrats on the new mixer!!

    I like the photos as letters too!!
    I love the creative title you made! Very cool layout.

    I received a Kitchenaid mixer as a wedding gift and it lasted over 30 years (the mixer, the marriage is still going strong.) I finally had to replace it a couple of years ago. I couldn't live without one. :)
    like how you did the title with the photos...i love my kitchenaide mixer too...
    What a great story. Love the way you did your pics in letters as well. Karen
    How nice to see someone scrapping something they are so enthusiastic about. Congratulations on your wonderful Christmas present. It's a neat layout, but I really really like the journaling. A belated Happy Birthday!
    This is sooooo NOT corny. I have watched my sister agonise over getting her mixer for over twelve months and she got it just before Christmas and the joy it has bought her has been really awesome to see so I can imagine your delight and joy as well. You have scrapped this so artistically and your journalling is just wonderful. You can really pick up your excitement in it. Great work.
    Very fun layout! Great colors and great color choice on your mixer, love the title and the way you have created it and worked it into the layout... very clever! Congrats on the Kitchen Aid... it's the way to to go. Nice the way you preserved your excitement!
    Very clever and artistic. I like how you showcased the photos and showed details of the mixer rather than just a photo of the whole thing.
    What a fun way to feature your KitchenAid in photos! I love it. I got mine for Christmas and I love it too!