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jj task # 9 a special gift

jj task # 9 a special gift

i really struggled with this lo for some reason so please love some cc....

journaling reads:

These earrings are very special gifts* from Rick. Special because they are fancy jewels and some of my most expensive jewelry. But what makes them even more SPRCIAL is that they were gifts to wear on Tracy and Hilary's wedding day. I have worn them a few times since then and each time they give me a special feeling as I think back to my daughter's wedding day. Someday these earrings will be Tracy and Hilary's and then someday maybe they will be worn by granddaughters and great granddaughters. I hope to create a lasting memento of a special family time.
* After purchasing my dresses for the wedding, Rick and I shopped together for these gifts. Tracy's was bought at Fortunoff's in Manhattan and Hilary's at Fortunoff's in White Plains. Sadly, Fortunoff's closed in late 2008, a victim of the failing economy.

scraplifted from thao's sample lo on the spiral bound page in the boutique http://store.scrapgi...s:-Spiral-Bound

    Your layout is gorgeous, and so very meaningful. I know what you mean - this was a difficult one for me too. But you've selected just the right elements to enhance your photos AND your story. I really do like your use of the photo masks for your photos, and the placement on the pages of the book. It gives the layout a lot of interest and movement. And it is just so RICH - I don't mean in monetary value - but RICH in the treatments you used and, more importantly the tradition you have begun with these pieces of jewelry.
    Beautiful way to explain the feelings you have about this jewelry. I'm sure your family members will treasure them as much as you do - especially since they will have this layout to enjoy along with the earrings.
    This is a great LO! Sentimental and well designed. Love the notebook.
    Wow they are beautiful beautiful earrings. I LOVE earrings so this really caught my eye but its your journalling that is what impressed me the most. Your Lo is really lovely and I am sure that your daughters will love this as much as they love the earrings because it has a tiny bit of your heart on it. Awesome piece of work.
    Wow, you have done so much with this challenge! Beautiful layout, perfect choice of background paper for your topic and beautiful journaling, both the thoughts and the way you have worked it into the layout. You even worked the challenge into the tabs- very clever and it blends in so well! Lots of interesting things on this page. Love the topaz jewel you used! Also, you husband is both handsome and sweet!
    It's like a layout within a layout! Beautiful page.
    This is amazing! I love the journaling in the book. The photos are well done. I love the little tabs on the notebook too. It is wonderful that you have documented this so when you do pass the earrings down, you'll have the story too.
    Such attention to detail! Wow, you've shared so many things for us to learn from and incorporate into our own LOs. I do love the tabs, a wonderful journaling story, and the thing I want to be sure and remember for my LOs is the clever way you dated the page.
    Beautiful layout, and beautiful journaling. How special this is.
    Beautiful LO, beautiful earrings, beautiful journaling. what a gift to be able to pass on to the girls.