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JJ#9: special Love & Color

JJ#9: special  Love & Color

Robert gave me this card for our 13th wedding anniversary last July. The message inside was very special -- he wrote about how special our relationship is to him -- and on top of that,it coordinates so well with the notebook and file sorter on my desk! Immediately I tucked the card in the sorter and it has been there ever since!


    A nice card can just make your year, can't it? And one that has handwritten sentiments is even better - and goes directly to the heart. Now you should print off this lovely layout and file it on the sorter on your desk along with the perfect card.
    it is special that you have this note from dh... to keep always , along with this lo... love the colors and how you titled it
    Beautiful color. Karen
    Oh I love Sarah's idea of printing it off and adding it to your sorter as well. This is just so bright and cheerful. Thanks so much for doing the challenge.
    This looks really great! What a nice memory to preserve and I love the paper and embellishment choices to go with the card. Great job on framing and your composition is really lovely.
    What a neat idea to tuck it into your sorter--it is pretty, but always a memory when you look at it.
    Great layout. I love your story, and the way you saved the card.
    So pretty and bright!! I love that you have the card tucked right there so you can look at it and remember it.
    Lovely colors and such a special momento, TFS!
    Beautiful colors on this and I like the framing you did and your title work. Nice LO