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Snow Journaling


Up until now I have lived all my life in Oregon. We had snow but it was a rare and momentous occassion ... cause for much celebration most of the time.


I grew up on the southern Oregon coast. Snow on the beach was an amazing thing to behold. I can remember this happening only one or two times in all the years I was there.


I loved the snow when we were living on Kingswood Way as long as school was cancelled. I hated working in Oregon City watching the snow come down and knowing it was most likely snowing twice as hard at home and my drive was going to be very scary. I remember one time when we had early release. By the time I finally got to the day care to pick up Toby and Eryn (only a little more than a mile from our house) I just parked the car and we walked home.


In Oregon there is no de-icing or salting of the roads. There are lots of hills making for treacherous driving conditions. The work done by the winter road crew keeping our roads clear and bare here in Massachusetts is one of my favorite things about living here.


With PSE8 ...

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Your journaling flows so nicely that the absence of a picture is not really noticable. We so seldom see layouts without pictures that every once in a while it's good to be reminded that you don't HAVE to have a photo to tell a story that should be remembered! Lovely job!

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The second page of your two page spread is just as beautiful as the first...... LOVE this and your journaling is wonderful too... LOVE the worn look of your paper curling up and the beautiful notes and papers you have tucked under your journaling paper. It's really a spectacular page Kay!

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Kay - this is BEAUTIFUL. The journaling is such a wonderful way to remember these things and to pass them on to future generations. I love everything you've done on this double LO. I especially love the hanging embellishments - do you think they do them in an earrings/necklace set?!? :giggle_bear:

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Wonderful job on this LO, your journaling is superb! This page really compliments your other LO and as Jenna said even though there is no photo on this page its still simply beautiful, well done!!!

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I love your journaling! I also love the embellishments you added. This is why I loved living in Montaa...SNOW! And I didn't have to shovel...lived in the Country LOL. However, it was so cold that it froze the hot water to the chickens within 15 minutes so they learned they had to gobble the water fast! I ended up taking water out 3 or 4 times a day for the chickens and still got good eggs even in the wintertime.

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Guest Sara Arell

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Another beautiful layout Kay - boy you are really churning them out! I love this one - love the journaling - so unique and different from any I have seen lately. Very nice job!

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I commented on the other part of this 2 page layout, but somehow I missed commenting on this one. And I think I do like it better! The elements you've used here are stunning. I've done a bit of research in the boutique and have added some things to my wish list! The journaling and layering is perfect!

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