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The Rose

Supplies used: tcs_spiral bound; AWI_PortraitOfLove_Paper_Special; my own photo and poem


I wrote this poem at age 16 about the rose I saw leaning against my parents' house porch railing. On a cold and drizzly day in October, I visited that house for the last time when my parents were divorcing. I was just 9, and knew things were changing forever; but the image of the rose stuck with me. The photo used is one I took with my cell phone this past summer at my home.


The rose blooms still

The flower stays with all will

It is mid-October

Yet it still says, “Hello, sir”

As the rain pours

As the bird soars

My family falls apart

The rose stays with all heart

The rose says there is hope

The rose says do not mope

Remembering the rose

I remember to lose no faith


© © Shell W. photo and poem

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Love how you have taken the colour photo and made it an entry into the journal book like that. Very effective! Thanks for sharing your poem with us.

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