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Products used in this layout:

Fantaisie Florals Paper Mini
Felicity Collection
Fantaisie Collection Mini
Bohemian Elegance Collection Biggie

    Love the treatment on the photo in this piece! Nice and simple but very effective! Thanks fo sharing!
    Love what you did with this photo. It looks fantastic, and really stands out. I so love it.
    Cool effects on your photo Durin and I love the strip of floral paper with the pretty flowers leading across the "line" of your division. Sweet title too.
    Oh my goodness this is wonderful Durin! I love the flowers on the left side and the cool effects on the photo!
    I thought this was striking when I first saw it. Love the photo & it inspired me to think outside the box more with photo treatments. Love the colors too!
    Four words ... bee you tee full!!!
    Just beautiful! I love that effect on the photo and how it takes up a large section of the page, awesome work!
    Pretty layout Durin. I love the flowers!

    This is the kind of work I would love to be able to accomplish...I'll keep trying! Thanks for the inspiration,it's absolutely beautiful.
    This is beautiful! Wha a wonderful picture!