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Jan 1-7 Left

Old Friends Collection Biggie

Little One Collection Biggie

Merry Mine Collection Biggie

Brush Set: Sketchbook Lines Biggie

Assemble Your Own Zoom Pages: Life Binder

ScrapSimple Tools - Scripts: Rename Layer 11101

AMC Sketchy Solid Font

Lettering Delights Underwood Pica Font

Lettering Delights Artsy Font



1: Day of recovery after an awesome New Years celebrations with Bec. These are just a few of my goodies I used on the night.

2: The second day of the worst bruise Ive ever had, It is the result from getting off the trampoline when dizzy and landing on a wooden chair ... ouch!

3: The for sale sign out the front of house we are renting. So far it has been ever so frustrating having up to 5 car loads a day stop out the front and stare in.

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