Jan 1-7 Right

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Jan 1-7 Right

Old Friends Collection Biggie

Brush Set: Sketchbook Lines Biggie

Little One Collection Biggie

Lettering Delights Underwood Pica Font

Lettering Delights Artsy Font

Assemble Your Own Zoom Pages: Life Binder

Blossoms & Blooms - Spring Embellishment Biggie

Dynamic Brush Set: Glitter 6401

ScrapSimple Tools - Scripts: Rename Layer 11101

Super Pack: Naturescape



4: Joshua caught me in the midst of doing a backflip, Im suprised I even got back on the trampoline after what happened the other day!

5: Jacinta’s dog ‘Tiny’ had just one puppy, they have named him Bolt and he is the most adorable, chubby puppy ever.

6: My Pandora bracelet is finally filling up, I took this photo to pass around so that members of my family wouldnt buy me the same charms for my B’Day.

7: Let’s celebrate summer! We had 15 people over this day and we definitely made use of our pool.

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great double here Kellie. love how you document it all. (love the pink pandora too, mines pink too and hopefully filling up as well, LOL)

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