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In memory of Dadd



In memory of Dadd

my dad died a year ago, january 30th. i recently found this picture of his hands. i dont know why my mom took it, she rarely takes pictures. but this picture is so my dad. i can see and hear him trying to explain something and using his hands. i am matting and framing a copy for each of my 4 sisters. i hope it brings them joy at the memories and not sadness for the loss. at any rate i am also sending along in the boxes a package of tissue that says "she who laughs, lasts." and yes, dadd is correct, that was always how he signed things.

    This is just beautiful. Wonderful sentiment. Thank you so much for sharing it!!! What a treasure it is to have that photo of his hands.
    WOW! What a wonderful layout and what a blessing to have in memory of your dadd. I'm sure your sisters will LOVE the layout and the poem :)
    What a precious gift. Karen