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Old Friends Collection Biggie

Little One Collection Biggie

Merry Mine Collection Biggie

Brush Set: Sketchbook Lines Collection Biggie

Lettering Delights Underwood Pica Font

Lettering Delights Artsy Font

Assemble Your Own Zoom Pages: Life Binder

ScrapSimple Tools - Scripts: Rename Layer 11101

AMC Sketchy Solid Font


8: My favorite piece of summer clothing, Ive had this bikini top for years, it teams up with anything I wear and with the weather we’ve been

having lately this certainly has had some use.

9: Over the summer holiday break Lillian has been busy decorating her coloring in books. She got 80 textas from Father Christmas and spends hours at a time drawing and coloring in. She is becoming quite a little artist and is getting better at staying between the lines.

10: This is the latest addition to our family, meet ‘Budgie boy’. Joshua stayed at his Nana and Ronpa’s house for the weekend and they decided to get him his very own budgie for his upcoming Birthday. Joshua is an extreme animal lover and has wanted a bird of his own since we lost our pair of lorikeets a few years ago, isnt he the sweetest little bird!

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