Jan 3-9

Other images in Project SG Challenge

Jan 3-9

KVE Intaglio Paper Ivory & Light Rose

VRA SS Emb Intaglio Printers Ornaments with KVE Intaglio Styles

KVE Intaglio Emb Frame Rectangle

VRA SS Emb temp Curve Intaglio2 with KVE Intaglio Styles

TCS SS Emb temp Luxe Photo Mats with KVE Intaglio Styles

KVE Time Traveler Journaling Sign Bronze

VRA SS Emb Intaglio frame with KVE Intaglio styles

fonts Garamond Bold and Garamond Bold Italic with KVE Intaglio Styles

(after this LO I bought Valerie's layered page template to make it easier next time...)

Nancy is my wonderful stepmother.

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