Christmas Card 2009

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Christmas Card 2009

I was not going to post this card but I have had so many comments from family and friends that I decided to post it. I recolored the wall behind the desk, then it looked so blank that I added texture to it with the Texture set – Christmas 2.

Hope you enjoy!

Items I used for this card:

Assemble Your Own: Snow Globe Biggie

Texture Set: Christmas 2

Vignettes Paper Super Mini

Santa Hats Embellishment Mini

Funny Face Add-ons Christmas Embellishment Mini

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This is an absolute hoot! What a clever idea! Were the cats in the same picture originally? Very, very well done! thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the comments,

No, the cats were in separate pictures.

I put treats on the table for each and snapped the pictures ASAP.

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