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Betcha Didn't Know...


© Laurel Lakey

Betcha Didn't Know...

I had a hard time coming up with something for this assignment. Just goes to show that I don't really think of this impairment unless I'm reminded of it. :) And that's a good thing.

Journaling: "One thing you wouldnít necessarily know about me by looking at me is the fact that I can barely see out of my right eye. When I was about 11 years old, I was working at my parentsí bakery, and someone knocked a Rickey Lime Soda Snapple bottle off of a high counter and it exploded onto the ground. A small piece of glass shot straight into my right eye, shattering my lens and tearing a large whole into my cornea. It didnít hurt very much, it just felt weird. My dad was there that night, and he drove home to pick up my mom, and they took me to the emergency room.
After that, it was all about surgeries and recovery and a replacement lens.
The accident left me with only a small amount of vision out of that eye - I canít read or see distinct, sharp lines at all.
But the amazing part is how awesome the human body is! I can still use my peripheral vision, and my left eye has literally ďpicked up the slackĒ and has taken over for the loss. So much so that I donít even notice it anymore. (Unless, of course, Iím asked what is something that people donít normally know about me, haha.)"

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Thanks so much for looking!

Laurel :)

    laurel this is another amazing one.... and glad it turned out ok.... i guess you really only need one eye and boy do you have a good eye! love those portraits of you.... they are great bw and love the eyes one in the frame... a uper lo once again..
    What an amazing story with a great ending (I guess ... in a way.) You're right, it is amazing how our bodies compensate. Love the attention to detail in your LO. Those pulled stitches are just the best. Time to go shopping :)
    No kidding??? Wowo..I certainly did notknw and would have never guessed. Tha layout is fabulous. Caroline is right..you have a great way with 2 page spreads. When I m scrapping for myself I like to do them as well. This one will be going into the Scraplift/Laurel folder. Great job.

    PS ..that 3rd BW picture of you is gorgeous, what a beautiful smile.
    Awww, you gals are makin' me blush! :wub:
    I absolutely love the arrangement, colors, flourishes, and the journaling!