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project SG layout 2

project SG layout 2

I found this great blog this weekend which inspired me to try to bake my own bread. It was amazing.


PSE 6.0 for mac
BMU Table manners matchbook green and yellow
Seuce frame postage stamp
bmu tablemanners word art1 gatherroud
bmu mossy word art special
BMU tablemanners emb3 journalstrip tan
dmi cozy scroll paper

    Looks delicious. Yikes, I tried a new bread recipe yesterday and forgot to take a photo! Love the way you framed the photo like stamps, and the colors and embellishments work wonderfully here. Great job!
    Oh I love this! I was gonna make some bread this weekend and time flew! Since my bread making is the old fashioned way it woulda taken all day....I really like how you put your page together!
    This layout inspires me...to bake a loaf of bread! It's so well put together, the muted colors really bring out the photo. Beautifully done! Pass the butter!
    Love the arrangement of your picture - and really love your big journaling - it just makes the whole layout pop! Very nice work
    Isn't fresh bread the bomb? Looks yummy & the layout is wonderful - especially like the paper & the stitched ribbon in the corner!
    That bread looks so good! I can almost smell it baking. Wonderful photo and I love your layout. Everything is great from the double stamp framed photo to the matchbooks underneath and the curled edges, then there's the fun alpha title and the cool circle word art! Really neat layout.
    This could be on the cover of a cookbook! Very nice!
    I love the title and the font you used. Great job! Karen
    Ohhhhhhhhh I can smell it cooking as well Rosemary :) Now I feel hungry but the bread I have doesn't look a thing like this lovely one :)
    This is a beautiful layout and love how you grouped the photos and word art.
    First off I must say that I am in awe of all those who bake their own bread! I've never had much luck with yeast things. I love this LO. The photo is great in the stamp frame and the embellishment in the top corner is perfect. Nicely done!