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JJ #9 - Dont Quit

JJ #9 - Dont Quit

This LO was done for the January Jumpstart Task #9 I was running way to late to try and catch up in time but thought Id still post my LO's :)

My Mum gave this card to me quite a few years ago. Even though it is small it has so much meaning to me. I went through a horrible stage in my life where I thought my whole world was crumbling down around me. I took several counseling sessions and self help programs to try and get some normality back in to my life. As much as these courses and sessions did help me in so many ways I still felt at times that I wanted to throw it all in and give up. When times got too tough for me or I was feeling low I would call my Mum as no matter what time of day or night it was she was there to listen to me and give me the advice and support I needed, my Mum had such a knack for this and as time went on I hoped that I would be such a strength to my kids as she has been to me. This card reminds me that no matter what negative things happen in life I must keep my head held high and know that I will make it through. The thought of quitting is not an option for me anymore!

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    This is wonderful! I love all the little extras like the rose and the paper clips in the cup.
    Beautiful page. And a great remembrance for you too.
    Thankyou for sharing this. This is a wonderfully put together page and I really enjoyed reading your journalling. It makes me feel sad that I can no longer call on my Mother for help even though she is still alive.. her mind is going and I can never again have heart to heart talks with her.. I miss her.
    What an inspirational LO! Thanks for sharing!
    I just reread this again and stil see it as a very special LO and your journaling really is from your heart. I hope I can be that kind of mom to all my children.
    This is so beautiful!