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JJ #4 - Tattoo

JJ #4 - Tattoo

Even though Im past the deadline I still wanted to post my LO's :)

Pure Collection
Old Friends Collection Biggie
Blossoms and Blooms Summer Embellishment Biggie
Holiday In Lights Collection Biggie
From the Desk Of Collection Biggie
Scrap Girls Refresh Collection Biggie
Inspired Collection Biggie
Florence Paper Special (Past Freebie)
Brush Set: Frayed Edge
Affection Collection (Paper recolored)
Lettering Delights Underwood Pica Font
Lettering Delights Hoopla Font

I haven't had a tattoo for over 15 years but have always wanted to get another one. I think there were a few reasons why I didn't get
one for so long, firstly I wanted a tattoo that had meaning to me. This tattoo means a lot to me, it obviously displays my love for horses.
The 3 horse symbols represent the 3 horses that I have formed an unforgettable bond with over my life: the other reason for not
getting a tattoo earlier was due to my partner, he has never been fond of tattoos on women & honestly said he did not really like the
tattoo on my ankle, however when i showed him the design i wanted he thought that it would suit me & it was tasteful.that was enough
for me so i booked myself in to the tattoo studio that week & after 3 hours in the chair it was completed & when I saw the end result I
knew i had done the right thing

    Great page and gorgeous tattoo (and I'm not a big tattoo fan either). I love your story. It makes the pics so meaningful. Thanks for sharing!
    Great journaling and LO!
    This is really a lovely layout. I love the colors, and how you used the Pure collection with the dark emphasis. Really nice. And I had to look twice to see that the design was actually a tattoo!! I'm not crazy about tatoos either, but this is about as pretty a one as I've ever seen.