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JJ #14 - Locks of Love

JJ #14 - Locks of Love

Another LO I completed for the Jan Jump start however didn't make the deadline but still wanted to post my LO's for the tasks as they were wonderful for inspiration.

I scrap lifted 'Moi' by Brandy M

Holiday in Lights Collection Biggie
Promise Collection Biggie
Promise Paper Super Mini
ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Damask
All About Marriage Collection Biggie
Brush Set: Labeled Dates Super Biggie
Watercolor Whimsy Collection Biggie
Dreamer Collection
Pure Collection
SG Dec 2009 Boutique Bonus
Lettering Delights: Underwood Pica Font
Lettering Delights: Artsy Font

Lillian was getting very frustrated over her long hair, especially when it came time to get the knots out! She boldly stated ‘Mum I want short hair’ I was upset at the thought of cutting her beautiful long locks and she quickly followed with ‘don't worry Mum it will grow back’ How true that is but I don't think she quite understands that once its been cut off you have to wait some time before it all grows back. I found a few online blogs that have step by step directions on creating wonderful hairstyles for little girls, this is just one of them.

    Those photos are just too cute and I love the hair :) love the addition of the B&W photo and the grouping of your photos and embelishments
    Your layout is adorable and I love your sweet photos of your dd. When my dd was little we had the same problem, unless I braided it or put it up in a ponytail each day. It's a great thing to do while they're watching a morning show to keep them busy while you're combing it out LOL... Love the bg you chose and the sweet star glitter sparkling about your photos.
    You layout is Beautiful! I love the hair. ok this is going into my favorites right now.
    Love the colors you used on this layout. Her hair is adorable, you did a fabulous job!
    Love the colors you used and the photos are beautiful. I remember saying those words to my mom too! Cute new style you found for her lovely locks, great page.
    Great LO. The pics are adorable and the general composition really works. I want to know where to find this hairstyle online! I love doing little girls' hair, but I have a limited repetoire. Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks so much everyone for your wonderful comments! I should've put the link up to the hair style blog, it doesnt have advertising to anything scrapbook related etc so I should be fine posting it here (I hope thats ok LOL) ... http://www.princesshairstyles.com/
    There are step by step videos and loads of pics :)
    Oh my gosh, this is so cute!!! Love the vibrant pink color and the emb cluster is perfect! That little girl is sooooo adorable too!!!